The Marathon Continues 🏁

Why am I crying?... Why does this hurt?... Why in the world am I more sadden my his death than ___(insert family member)?  These were some of the questions parading through  my mind.  

A year ago, Nipsey Hussle (Ermias Asghedom) was shot outside of his own store in broad daylight.  I was not prepared for the impact.

For weeks, I must've replayed the videos, looked at every interview,  listened to his songs,  and tired my hardest to fight back tears.  I mean.. how could I be such as mess over someone I never met... ?!

I realized there is a part of me that identifies with his strength to tell the world, you're not going to tell me who I have to be.  One day I'll dive deeper. For right now, I've become okay with mourning people who I've never met in person but know in spirit.  

It's okay to feel. It's okay to want to know the answer. Anyone who makes you feel "weird" for that... is lost. They themselves likely struggle with emotional intelligence. 

One day this will all make sense, until then.... TMC.

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