You Are Welcome to H.E.A.L.

Hi there! Thank you for coming through and checking us out. We want you to know that healing isn't a "girl", "guy" , or  "Christian" thing... It's a HUMAN need.  

The owner, Sunne Perry-Bailey MSW, LCSW, CSAC,  a licensed clinical social worker, and clinical substance abuse counselor from Milwaukee, saw the need to address generational trauma.

"So here's the deal. We can break unhealthy generational cycles to promote generational healing. But guess what?! ... it's going to take you- and I  to be Honest, Examine, Act and Love ™️.  There's no better way to  encourage our families and communities to heal than for us to humanize/normalize healing through active commitment to our individual healing journey. Doesn't matter if you're hood or holy, male or female it's critical for us to Hone Emotional Accountability & Love ™️. I dare you to HEAL from the hell you've been through!™️ " -Sunne- the Whole Healing Homie

Heal Girl, Heal was designed for this exact purpose. It's a faith based community that is a safe space for whole healing to happen in a human way. Healing is a process, a journey- embrace it on your way to wholeness. This community offers tips, tools, and events that will encourage you to address  hidden wounds related to trauma (including church trauma), dysfunction, and loss at the individual and social level. 

Stay connected to this safe space. Meet others, gather tips, and grab some merch to spread the word to everyone. Healing is happening... let it happen in you. Heal Girl, Heal Man, & Heal Now.

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