I Refused to Lose

Hey Ya'll.......... So I did a thing.... It was such a blessing to attend the Refuse to Lose- Tour with Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts. 

So this may go completely over your head, but I’d like to believe that if you’re here reading this, you're identifying with this text or something led you here.  You ever had this inkling that something life changing  is about to happen? That you are about to experience something great... That an answer to something you’ve been laying prostrate for is on it’s way?  

Most of the things that I've been in prayer about over the past few years had been some how related to who I am and how God wants to use me.  I'm talking about the deep prayers that proceed after  you've gone through things that make you question who you are. Things that make you say , " Okay God- what's next? Can you make this make sense?... Lord can you connect the dots for me? Like, God what else do I need to do in order to hear from you?"  

Here's what I've learned. Sometimes, we are waiting for answers we will only get by kicking fear in the face, trusting God, and acting/ making moves as we are led to make. I'm learning, this journey to becoming what has planned for me to be hasn't be and won't be easy.

In short… Here are just a few takeaways that I'd like to share as it relates to pre/post  #RTLChicago

1. Solo Dolo I became completely comfortable with the idea of going by myself if I had to… by any means necessary was my motto.  Sometimes we're waiting for other people to join us, when in actuality we're holding up what God is trying to do in and through us. Look, some assignments are " Solo Dolo". And you can either be ready, get ready, or be waiting to get ready.  This experience reminded of something I shared with the congregation in Jan 2019...… If you don’t go, you won’t grow. 

2. Press Pass the Crowd I prepared for the moment and look, I won’t even run through the list of all the things that went wrong leading up to this moment. Just know I had to run through troops and leap over hurdles. But I felt led to sow into  Pastor Sis (SJR) as a thank you. I'm sure SJR may have everything under the sun, but I was always taught to sow into people who sow into you. Knowing I would meet her, even if it was for a moment, I had to step into that moment with all that I could be. I had to become vulnerable with someone who likely would never remember my face, name, or know how much they have blessed me.  It took a TON of vulnerability and I became okay with that. What I sowed into her with some items. I included a handwritten note letting her know I honor and identify with the God in her. Most importantly, I thanked her for her surrender- because God’s resume for her life confirmed the reality that there is a space for me to be an anointed human in this earth.

3. Significant moments will always reveal who is in your corner...My closest friends were there physically and or in spirit cheering me on. But most importantly genuinely excited about the growth, and how God is moving. Most of my closest friends willingly have a heart to serve as an Elizabeth and Mary to each other.  Elizabeth (Liz) could recognize what and who Mary was and Liz was willing to be of service… Liz knew Mary was carrying purpose- Jesus. She was willing to honor her, despite the fact that she was carrying John the Baptist. Mary received a promise and knew she had to get to Liz. I translate this as…she had to get to her girl… You ever received a word and had to call up your girl who you know will push you to and through that thing with no strings attached? Someone who could relate and could make sense of the word you received.  This is why it's important to be aware of who is in your life and how you serve each other. How many of you have been Mary or Liz? Who is your Mary or Liz in your life?  

SJR's Key Jewels-

  • In order to be God’s strategy on earth, I have to surrender to His strategy for my life! Doesn’t feel good...hasn’t and won’t be easy but it’s the only way to stop wrestling with who I’m supposed to be…. So where’s your yes girl!?!
  • Just because I saw some things I wasn’t supposed to see, it doesn’t mean He has changed who I’m supposed to be.  I’m learning to eat every punch life has thrown and will try to throw my way. God hasn't changed His mind about me. He factored in all my issues, on purposes, and mistakes and He still chose me... and you too sis.
  • Distractions do not equal destruction. I thanked God for the distractions that I've experienced. They are a reminder that something was in motion...that I was and AM heading somewhere. I just have to learn to navigate through this journey called life. I literally picture a good old fashioned game of Sonic on the Sega or Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo ( who can relate?) LOL.  But seriously the enemy will never waste his time distracting someone that doesn’t have a destination. He’s fighting where you’re going, who you’re becoming… and the people who will come to know God as a result of your surrender.

So my question is...Who you finna let win Sis? 

- The Whole Healing Homie

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